Ashley's BlastoiseAshley's Empoleon (Splash)Ashley's Gligar
Ashley's Luxray (Shock ♀)Ashley's MismagiusJordan's Gliscor (Nightshade)
List of all EpisodesPokemonfancharacters WikiS1EP01 A new beginning
S1EP02 Tidal CurrentsS1EP03 A lost Cause for a lost FireS1EP04 Recurring events
S1EP05 Split in twoS1EP06 Bounded by Fate and MisfortuneS1EP07 A Skirmish of Types
S1EP08 Generation of PokemonS1EP09 Spinning RapidashS1EP10 Chingling Bell
S1EP11 Shinx stands by!S1EP12 The poor Ponyta
File:000081.jpgFile:1280719415 6470 full.jpegFile:1361227333973.png
File:1883171-misdreavus anime.pngFile:1890161-morrison gligar.pngFile:1938.png
File:2021f97856 54489307 o2.pngFile:240px-Poke Ball Recent Capture.pngFile:382.png
File:404.pngFile:404 luxio by super fangirl4-d2y056x.pngFile:429.png
File:515345 1281714323302 full.jpgFile:553.jpgFile:627069-stardustftl.jpg
File:867138b363 62173038 o2.jpgFile:Beautiflyvd3.jpgFile:DP47.jpg
File:EP404 Gligar congelado.pngFile:EP404 Gligar usando guillotina (2).pngFile:EP459 Squirtle usando burbuja.png
File:Empoleon by Lizzleby.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Gligar01.jpgFile:Gligar Use Guillotine.pngFile:Images.jpg
File:Images2.jpgFile:Index.jpgFile:Jessie Blastoise.png
File:Lol.jpgFile:Misdreavus Sugimori style by pokesafari.pngFile:Mismagius.jpg
File:P08 Misdreavus.pngFile:Piplup anime.pngFile:Pokemon Luxray by thesilentrose.jpg
File:Pokemon Water Gun Attack by karnalux.jpgFile:Rapidash2.jpgFile:Rapidash Normal Coloration by Xous54.png
File:Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 6.30.25 PM.pngFile:Season11 ep27 ss2.jpgFile:Squirtle.jpg
File:Wartortle 2 by eledusapo-d4v5xr4.pngFile:Wartortle v 2 by xous54-d2xnx0c.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Zoeys Traunfugil.png

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