1.     SEASON 1Edit

1. A New beginning

2. Tidal Currents

3.     A Lost Cause for a Lost FireEdit
4.     Recurring eventsEdit
5.     Split in twoEdit
6.     Bounded by Fate and MisfortuneEdit
7.     A Skirmish of TypesEdit
8.     Generation of PokemonEdit
9.     Spinning RapidashEdit
10. Chingling BellEdit
11. Shinx stands by!Edit
12. The Poor PonytaEdit
13. Misdreavus’ schemeEdit
14. New friends, new movesEdit
15. The runaway Psyduck!Edit
16. Washed up Horror!Edit
17. Cliff Hangs by a BeautiflyEdit
18. Not all things shinyEdit
19. Marvelous Teams and Dreadful Schemes!Edit
20. Piplup, PrinplupEdit
21. Working on the right pattern!Edit
22. Cloud up spark highEdit
23. Fuzzy Feathers of a Starly!Edit
24. Gloomy skies don’t mean rainEdit
25. Rocketing ahead!Edit
26. You’re the warrior, Luxio!Edit
27. Jade, Lime, Green, Roselia!Edit
28. Up, Up and Sky!Edit
29. Pokemon of the Gummy!Edit
30. Right heights, wrong DistancesEdit
31. Bidoof’s last chanceEdit
32. Zoned-out!Edit
33. Roserade’s comeback!Edit
34. A Hoax of sortsEdit
35. Ready, steady, Splash!Edit
36.    Revenge of the Starly!Edit
37.    Magikarp’s Gold SideEdit
38.     Shiny Red!Edit
39.     Flying Higher isn’t all that badEdit

40.     Never touch the Bulb!

41.     A Prince for love

42.     No Cut No More!Edit
43.     One more fightEdit
44.     Life of StaraviaEdit
45.     Welcome to the marsh!Edit


1.     Jolts and VoltsEdit
2.      Revenge’s coreEdit
3.     Head held up, claws outstretchedEdit
4.     Shocking results!Edit
5.     Star, Stara, Starap, Staraptor!Edit
6.     Silver lined skyEdit
7.     Is that a Silcoon I hear?Edit
8.     Bibarel Rolls on out!Edit
9.     I challenge you!Edit
10.     Two can play on a team!Edit
11. Edit

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