Ashley's Mismagius

Ashley's Mismagius was first obtained by Ashley in Bounded by fate and Misfortune , where it was seen as just a Misdreavus being hunted down by a little boy that wanted to use it in a Pokemon contest. Of course, this is one aspect of Mismagius' personality: It doesn't like Pokemon contests. Even if it would be forced into one, it still wouldn't have liked it.

As a Misdreavus, Ashley saw it come along and wanted to capture it, so she did.

When the boy that had been hunting Misdreavus came along, Ashley refused to give it up. The boy of course was furious, but stormed away even after winning a battle to decide who gets to keep Misdreavus, the ghost pokemon refused to go with him. Mismagius' known moves are: Confuse Ray, Psybeam, Shadowball and Psywave.

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As a Misdreavus

It was seen (When it was still a Misdreavus) in Generation of Pokemon , where it was used in the rematch against Roark and his rock-type Pokemon. It managed to narrowly defeat Steelix with it's swiftness and aglitiy, earning Ashley her first Gym Badge.

In Marevlous teams and Dredful Schemes! , it was seen helping Ashley, Squirtle and Piplup to find a Dusk stone for a boy who need it to evolve his Murchrow. Of course, Misdreavus accidentally touched it and even though it tried to stop from evolving, it evolved into a Mismagius. Ashley apologized to the boy and explained what happened, but he forgave her quite easily, saying that there would be other times. He even told her to take good care of her newly evolved Mismagius, which she promised she would.


Mismagius in battle

In Gloomy skies don't mean rain , Mismagius was seen helping to calm down Ashley after a shattering defeat in the hands of the second gym leader. Afterwards, Ashley and Mismagius began to do some more training, in which Mismagius learned Psywave. In Right heights, wrong distances , Mismagius was seen in the rematch at the second gym, and it easily knocked out the gym leader's Turtwig, but was returned afterwards and wasn't brought out again.

It is currently unknown if Mismagius helped practicing for the third gym battle, or what may or may not have happened to it after it was returned, as it was never shown again in any other episode.

Moves and Episodes Debuted inEdit

Move Episode
Confuse Ray Bounded by fate and Misfortune
Psybeam Bounded by fate and Misfortune
Shadow Ball Bounded by fate and Misfortune

Gloomy skies don't mean rain

( This Pokemon spent 24 episodes in Ashley's party, before "Disappearing", what happened to Mismagius afterwards is currently unknown.)